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Specifications: No Synchronizer; Rear PTO Available; Double Middle Shaft;
Planetary Mechanism for Deputy Box.

Assembly Type: HW15710  

Category: HW10 Series

Gearbox Type: Manual

Truck Range: From 336hp to 420hp

Number of Forward Gears: 10 Gears

Number of Reverse Gears: 2 Gears

Max Input Torque: 1500 NM

Rated Rotation Speed: 2600 RPM

Weight: 342 KG

Oil/Lubricant Capacity: 12.5 L

1st Gear Ratio: 14.284

2nd Gear Ratio: 10.623

3rd Gear Ratio: 7.871

4th Gear Ratio: 5.876

5th Gear Ratio: 4.375

6th Gear Ratio: 3.265

7th Gear Ratio: 2.428

8th Gear Ratio: 1.799

9th Gear Ratio: 1.343

10th Gear Ratio: 1

1st Reverse Gear Ratio: 13.913

2nd Reverse Gear Ratio: 3.18

Shift Type: Single H Type.