Fender, Howo Truck Cabin Parts Catalogs

Fender, Howo Truck Cabin Parts Catalogs

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Sequence Name Part No.
24a Plate WG9731930014
1 Left fender WG1642230012
1 Left fender WG1641230020
2 Right fender WG1642230013
2 Right fender assembly WG1641230021
3 Hex head bolts Q150B0620
4 Washer Q40106
5 Spring washer Q40306
6 Screw nut Q340B06
7 Left skid plate WG1642230018
7a Right cleat WG1642230019
8 Cross recessed pan head screws Q2540830
9 Pedal bracket (upper bumper) AZ9725930049
9 Pedal bracket WG9725930017
10 Right pedal WG1641240011
10 Left pedal WG1642240030
11 Hex head bolts Q150B0825
12 Screw nut Q340B08
13 Spring washer Q40308
14 Left rear fender WG1642230003
15 Right rear fender WG1642230004
16 Washer AZ1642230008
17 Liner (rear fender) AZ1642230007
18 Self-tapping screws Q2713516
19 Hex head bolts Q150B0860
20 I type hexagon nuts Q340B08
21 Spring washer Q40308
22 Left skid plate WG1642240032
23 Left rear fender bracket WG9719930315
23 Left rear fender bracket WG9731930010
24 After the right fender bracket WG9731930015
24 After the right fender bracket WG9719930313
25 Hex head bolts Q151B1445
26 Self-locking nuts 190003888468 
27 Tailgate assembly WG1641230028
28 Connecting bracket WG1641230030
29 Cross recessed tapping screws Q2714816
30 Hex head bolts Q150B0620
41 Left front fender WG1641230025
42 Right front fender WG1641230026
43 Fenders with layering AZ1641230027
10a Left Pedal WG1641240012
10a Right pedal WG1642240031
15a Fender stiffeners WG1642230005
19a Hex head bolts Q150B0620
20a I type hexagon nuts Q340B06
21a Spring washer Q40306
21b Washer Q40106
22a Right cleat WG1642240033
22b Cross recessed pan head screws Q2540830
22c Spring washer Q40308
22d Screw nut Q340B08
24a Plate WG9719930321

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