Summary to Past 8 Month 2018

Very busy year so far 2018, hardly have time to update the news.

For the past 8 month, we have sent 40HQ x50 to our Nigeria office already, cargo value FOB is around 5 million US dollars, and already exceeded the total amount of last year.

This is due to our market developing endeavor for 6 years. At beginning, we sold only to Chinese companies in Nigeria, but now the business is totally different volume.

Regarding online oversea business, it has been growing at about 30% annually.

Online market is full of competition, though lots of competition is low-end, like "lowest price is the king" happened a lot. 

Facing the status, as we are not able to change it, however we adjust our view and focus on our strength and valueble customers. Therefore, international biddings from new customers which we participated many many each year and gained almost zero, are abandoned; low price challengine, we quit; inquirys about models we are not familiar like passenger cars, we quit... many etc.

As a result, by our limited time and vigor, we have more strength to think clearly and serve the most valued 20% customers well who care both cost and quality. We are confident that this perspective would bring lots of win-win cooperations, so far so good.

Thank you for reading, some pics to follow, and have a nice day.

Above is the container shipped to Sri Lanka at January

Above is the container shipped to customer at black sea, April

Above is container shipped to same customer at June

Above is shipped to Angola, August

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