WG9112340123, Rear Wheel Bolt with Nut, Howo Truck Parts


wg9112340123 #2

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Part name: Rear Wheel Bolt with Nut

Part number: WG9112340123

Reason of damage or failure:
regularly wear out; overloading; bad working condition.

Keynote: standar bolts are for trucks under 50,000km,
and thickened type for trucks over 50,000km.


Vehicle model:Sinotruk Howo truck, Howo A7 truck

Driving axle: STR, HC16, AC16


Weight: 1 kg

Stock quality choice: OEM

Quantity in each package: 100 unit

Packing: in woodbox

Main meterial: iron


Popular country: Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Columbia, 
Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Georgia, Chile, Uganda, 

Common way of transport: in 40HQ by sea

Suggested stock quantity: 1 unit / truck / year

Urgency level when broken: Low