WG9725520289, Howo Truck Parts, Leaf Spring Assembly


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Part number: 

Part name: rear leaf spring assembly

Reason of replacement:
regularly wear out; constant bad working condition.

Keynote: please be careful when custom-made the springs, like adding extra pieces,
the mounting dimensions would be different


To find its part number:
1- printed on body;
2- if not avaialble, please provide chasis number, our database will findout.
3- sending us images.


Related parts, usually to be purchased together:
- rubber support
- spring U bolt
- spring centre bolt
- spring hanger


Vehicle model:Sinotruk Howo truck

Relevant catalog pages:

Driving axle: STRHC16AC16

Suspension: Howo suspension

Popular country: Ecuador, Peru, Sri Lanka, Columbia, 
Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Georgia.

Common way of transport: in 40HQ by sea.

Suggested stock quantity: 1 set/ truck / year

Urgency level when broken: middle


Weight: 120 kg

Size: 1150x100x500 mm

Quality choice: OEM

Minimum order quantity: 1 set

Packing: no packing

Main meterial: iron

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