WG9921161100, Clutch Disk, Howo Truck Parts


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Part name: clutch disk

Part number: WG9921161100

Reason of damage or failure:
regularly wear out; overloading.

Keynote: unproper driving manners will cause the disk wore out faster.

Pleas refer to our gear switching page:

How to Drive a Sinotruk Howo Truck --Shift Gears for All Howo Gearboxes

And clutch maintenance page:
Clutch Can Have a Long Life --Howo Truck Clutch Maintenance.


To confirm its part number:
1- mostly it is printed on bar body, in white color;
2- if former printing is lost, please provide chasis number, our database will findout.

Vehicle model:Sinotruk Howo truck or Howo A7 truck

Engine: Sinotruk WD615, Euro-II

Gearbox: HW19710HW19710T


Weight: 12 kg

Stock quality choice: OEM and original

Quantity in each package: 1 unit

Packing: in carton


Popular country: Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Columbia, 
Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Georgia, Chile, Uganda, 

Common way of transport: in 40HQ by sea

Suggested stock quantity: 1 unit / truck / year

Urgency level when broken: Low