WG9925821002, Manual Cabin Lift Pump, Howo Truck Parts


Part name: manual cabin lift pump

Relevant part number: WG9925821002

Vehicle model: Sinotruk Howo truck, Howo A7 truck

Reason of failure: oil circuit route polluted, etc.

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Failures and Solutions, for Sinotruk Howo Truck Cabin Lifting Pump and Cylinder

Engine model: Sinotruk WD615, Euro-II

Gearbox model: HW10, HW15710, HW19710

Weight: 2 kg

Quality of stock: OEM

Quantity in each package: 1 unit

Packing: in carton

Main meterial: iron

Popular region: Africa, Russia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Philippines

Common way of shiping: in 40HQ by sea

Suggested stock quantity: 1 unit per truck per year

Urgency level when broken: Low